2016 Cats of St. Francis Presidential Election

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This year, the felines of Cats of Saint Francis, a nonprofit cat rescue organization in Northwest Indiana, are taking matters into their own paws. They have decided to elect a President of the rescue who will advocate with rescue management on behalf of cat issues and concerns.

Three cats have nobly come forward to represent the residents.

You pick the winner! Place your vote by making a tax-deductible contribution to Cats of Saint Francis. Just click the donation button below the photo of your favorite cat-i-date. The winner will be announced on November 9, 2016. Vote early and often!

Introducing the Cats of Saint Francis Presidential Cat-i-dates:

Demo-Cat Party:


I am Zoe, a female calico mix, and I am running for President of Cats of Saint Francis. It has been my lifelong dream to be President. If elected, I will ensure that all local stray cats, no matter what their situation is, get rescued, receive proper healthcare, and, if not adopted, live out the rest of their nine lives at Cats of Saint Francis instead of on the streets.

Running mate: Gracie, a black and white female.

Pundit Commentary: Zoe is opinionated, wants things her way, and does not like to be challenged. Will swat and hiss, but has a real heart for adoption.

Re-Purr-Blican Party:


I am Smokey, a male Russian blue. If elected, I will make certain that all cats at Cats of Saint Francis play nice together. Even Zoe, who in my opinion is a real piece of work. I will make the safety of all cats at the rescue my primary concern, and ensure that all cat complaints are resolved with as little interference from human management as possible. There will be no thinking outside the (litter) box under my watch.

Running mate: Eddie, a quiet brown and black tabby.

Pundit Commentary: Smokey appears too calm and collected; we believe he may have some strategies up his sleeve. Wait, he doesn’t have a sleeve.

Independent Party:
Tommy Guns



My name is Tommy Guns, and I am a male Maine Coon.  Why wouldn’t you vote for an independent cat-i-date? That’s what cats are: independent. The way I see it, there’s no other choice but me. And as President of Cats of Saint Francis, I will advocate total and unequivocal liberty of action. That includes unlimited access to catnip.

Running mate: Spider, a male black cat.

Pundit Commentary: Guns is unpredictable and at times lives on the wild side.  He wants attention, yet after a few minutes of attention, he will swat and hiss.  The cats love him.

There you have it folks, your 2016 Cats of Saint Francis Presidential cat-i-date list. Let the race begin!